Woman's poetry has publisher a-Twitter

Nancy Duci Denofio of Saratoga Springs has been using computers to get her message out since they first emerged. So, it seemed only natural that she latch on to the social media crazes currently making the rounds, like Twitter. It was on this micro-blogging site where she voiced her opinions on healthcare reform in 140 or characters or less, tweeting links to her poetry in between, that her words caught the eye of a New York City publisher who made her dream come true.

I never thought it would happen to me; that I would be an author. It was kind of like a dream and it just continued, said Duci Denofio.

She originally thought it was a scam when publisher Don Odom emailed her and said he wanted to publish her work. That was back in March, and after a little online digging, she found he was, indeed, a respected publisher and immediately began coordinating proofs and edits of her poems. Nine weeks later, her book "What Brought You Here?" debuted on amazon.com at the beginning of June.

Odom said his quick attraction to Duci Denofio's writing made for a speedy publication process. From the very first poem he stumbled across, which was about military service, he said he was hooked.

"As a military veteran myself, I wondered how on earth Ms. Denofio could have captured so accurately the tone and tenor and mood of military service - the alternating hours of dreariness and dread - and do it so succinctly. I then read some of her other poems and was quickly drawn into the world of 1950s Schenectady as seen through the eyes of a little girl," said Odom in an email. "A dialogue via her website ensued and subsequently I was treated to memories of a house on corner lot, a Grandmother feeding birds with scraps of Italian bread, the simple joys of a backyard inflatable pool, a clock ticking in a hospital gift shop while waiting for results from a mother's medical tests, the image of cartoon pictures drawn on fogged-up car window across from a graveyard."

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