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Duci Denofio said she writes what she knows and about 70 percent of her poems are a memoir-type style that bring the reader back to a time long before now.

"People can really reflect their life, their vision, what they lived in most of my work. They're done in a poetry format but are more of a story that flows and you can feel it," said Duci Denofio. "I touch on stories I hear, things that come up in the news. This is really an introduction to me as a writer."

She wrote her first poem in seventh grade English class and saw it published in the school's journal, something she considered quite a feat since her teacher wasn't fond of her. This was her clue that writing was her gift.

"Just like painting is an art and sometimes you don't need a lesson. Writing is the same thing. You either love it or you don't. I feel like I always have to have a pad and pencil with me wherever I go," said Duci Denofio. "I love quick writing. Give me a word and I'll write you something."

One of her favorite pieces in the book is called "Mama It's Your Turn to Fly," which is a true story told through prose.

"I'm talking to my mom, who died when I was young, and she has shown up and really does come back. It's beautiful," said Duci Denofio. "Another poem is about a little girl looking into a pond and seeing her sister's face. I remember writing it at a retreat in the mountains of Vermont."

Odom had such confidence in her writing that there are plans to simultaneously publish three books as a hardcover collection, something that is largely unheard of in the poetry world.

"It's amazing. It's really difficult to get a hardcover book published. I know a lot of poets and writers and have read my work and taught classes around [Saratoga County] and I've not heard of this," said Duci Denofio.

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