BH-BL brings magic to the stage

Whoever tries out for the show gets to participate in some capacity. Rayome said part of what makes directing middle school plays her favorite is that she gets to give actors and actresses a chance to try something they've never done before.

"This is where you really see kids for the first time being on stage and to me, middle school is all about being given the opportunity to try new things. Once they move on to either high school or community theatre, it's a more selective process," said Rayome. "Here they get to be on stage and have fun without dealing with the disappointment of getting cut or 'not being good enough' because I think there's always a part for everyone."

Some cast members were so good, that Rayome adjusted the characters to accommodate two actresses she thought were perfect for one part.

"Originally, there was only one part written for the prince's butler but we couldn't decide and loved them both, so we picked them both and they're now a package deal known as 'the Harolds,'" said Rayome. "They get to muck around on stage together."

Eighth graders Allie Rose Brenon and Ashlyn Giaquinto will be the prince's right hand men. They're friends off stage, and on stage, basically inseparable, both saying drama club is a way for them to express themselves.

"On stage you can show everyone who you really are," said Giaquinto, who has been acting and singing since elementary school. She said her mom was always big into theatre and helps her prepare by buying the CDs, movies and books.

Brenon got into theatre all on her own and said her parents always joke that they're not good at performing so if she is, she should.

"It's just a way you can let all your emotions out because you have to express everything over the top and can let out what you've been holding in," said Brenon. "Middle school drama is nice because you know you're going to be part of the play and don't have to feel any letdowns. If you go to Broadway or something, you can get cut!"

{q} What: 'Cinderella'

When: Friday, March 19, at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 20, at 2 and 7 p.m.

Where: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake middle school auditorium {q}


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