Neighbors against Golub rezone

In the second public at the Wednesday meeting, residents spoke against amending the zoning of 3.4 acres of land at 330 Becker Drive owned by Robert and Marie Iovinella and the firm, Aladdin Properties.

Residents were against the amendment of the town's comprehensive plan that would change the agricultural status of two parcels held by Aladdin Properties and Iovinella to general business.

Resident Marianne Lawler said that rezoning the property would be an "assault" on those already living in the area.

"This developer, who is presenting this rezoning, has presented no specific project to build on those parcels, but has indicated in past meetings that he would like to, quote, 'build a plaza, and has a number of businesses that are interested in occupying space in that plaza,'" said Lawler. "A hypothetical project without specific resources should be unacceptable to you and the planning board. If it is acceptable, then you are encouraging anyone to provide you with an idea, and you will approve a rezone without details or consequences."

Del Gallo has said that the board will be voting on the amendment of the zoning at the next meeting and said the Iovinellas have brought this proposal the previous town adminstration.

"He went through this process twice. He shouldn't have to do it, but he is," said Del Gallo. "He can't do what he wants there. He still has to go through the planning board. He is just trying to get it [the property] so that if it's commercial, someone can develop the property."

Del Gallo also said that his administration plans to be more business friendly.

"We said we were going to be more friendly to business when we got into office," said Del Gallo. "We want to get business here to help with the tax burden. We're sick of going backwards; we want to go forwards."

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