Protestors rally against cell tower

"There is no research to say exposure to emissions from cell towers causes cancer," she said. "We go with the research."

She did note though, cell towers are a "new technology," which will continue to be studied.

"Cellular phone towers, like cellular phones themselves, are a relatively new technology, and we do not yet have full information on health effects. In particular, not enough time has elapsed to permit epidemiologic studies. There are some theoretical reasons why cellular phone towers would not be expected to increase cancer risk, and animal studies of RF have not suggested a risk of cancer," according to information from the ACS.

Studies specifically dealing with cell tower exposure and human beings have not yet been conducted.

According to information from the ACS Web site, the RF waves are "non-ionizing," meaning they are not strong enough to break the chemical bonds between molecules such as DNA, like gamma and X-rays do. The front of the cell tower antenna is the only significant source of energy as well, and in order to approach FCC limits, one would need to remain near the front of the antenna at its elevation.

Several expert agencies have not weighed in yet on the effects of cell towers, according to the ACS, including the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the National Toxicology Program, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

"No human studies have focused specifically on cellular phone towers or even on radio waves more generally. Several studies have looked at the effects of radio waves and microwaves combined; these have generally not shown any increase in cancer, except for a U.S. Air Force study that suggested an increase in brain tumors in association with radiofrequency/microwave exposure," according to the ACS Web site.

Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at SUNY Albany, said the parents' concerns about the tower are justified, even though there are no studies specifically about human disease and cell phone towers.

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