Spa City man plays brunch

Quigley said while he loves this gig it's a totally different atmosphere than he's used to.

"Concerts are definitely more satisfying because you're preparing a specific repertoire that means something to you and you may spend weeks or months working on, and then when you get to the venue to actually perform it the audience is much more attentive and watching," said Quigley. "Obviously it's not an expectation for people to be attentive while they eat brunch."

Even while he's busy teaching, being a husband and raising a 16-year-old son, he said he's anxious to perform another classical guitar recital and set up more performances in Saratoga and the rest of the Capital District. He plans to use this summer when he has more time, to make something happen.

"It's definitely a goal to perform more. I want to perform classical and jazz, in some context, whether it's some type of trio or band situation," said Quigley, who has played area shows in a blues funk band and is currently rehearsing with a five piece jazz band, formulating a set list of jazz standards for the future. "I also still enjoy playing rock and roll and blues, so I'm sure some opportunities will come along and I'll use the summer to help fate a bit; you have to have a product together first."

Whether he's teaching or playing, Quigley said he's happy to be cultivating and evolving the passion he's had since childhood: music.

"I have always enjoyed music and as I got older it was a very good expression tool for me. As a teenager in high school it was really the only thing that motivated me at all to study," said Quigley. "You can never exhaust it, there's always something to learn and you can always be better at the craft. Regardless of the venue or how big you get, all of us can always work at it and make ourselves better, so it's endlessly interesting."

Quintessence brunch is every Saturday and Sunday morning but Quigley entertains on Sundays only.


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