Ballston plans for new park

The Ballston Parks and Recreation Committee underwent a reorganization in early March and will focus most of its immediate efforts on finding a place to develop Diamond Anchor Park, a park that will be largely created with moneys left to the town by Frank Schidzick in his will. The committee will also look at additional funding opportunities and pinpoint what type of park would best suit the town's needs.

President Dan Russell said the committee has been meeting about twice a week since its formation in January and is in the stage of looking at different types of parks and features.

We're looking at everything from tying in trails to buying a piece of swampland or buying a nice piece of property to have ball fields on. We've done a lot of homework on what type of parks we want to consider and the big question on this particular piece is going to be how much money the estate is going to give us, when it will be available and what kind of property can we afford with it, said Russell.

Russell said the committee is searching for all available land larger than 15 acres. It drafted a letter that will go out to landowners on Wednesday, March 31, asking any interested in offering up their land for a park to make contact. The committee also went a little further and collected records for the "blanket land" in the town to see if any is suitable for a park. The trick now, said Russell, is to determine what park essentials will make up the criteria.

"We'll look at size, shape, what surrounds it and cost, which is a big driver. It it's in middle of a subdivision people in that subdivision may not want it there because of noise or various other reasons," said Russell. "The criteria would be something we're going to look at and compare it to the information we get off a piece of land. A piece of land suitable for a trail system obviously would not necessarily be suitable for putting a ballpark on."

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