DA Murphy to seek maximum sentence in Spa City kidnapping case

Victor Hernandez-Perez, 23, faces between eight and 25 years in state prison for violent felony crimes of kidnapping, robbery and assault, but Saratoga Springs District Attorney Jim Murphy said he will seek the maximum sentence on Monday, May 3.

Hernandez-Perez was convicted on 13 out of 14 charges late Sunday, May 2, after about six hours of deliberation. He was accused of brandishing a weapon while abducting a young woman off a Saratoga Springs street while she walked home from work last July.

Hernandez-Perez struck the victim on the head, abducted her and forced her at gun point to strip naked while telling her he would rape and kill her, according to information from Murphy's office. The jury found these allegations and crimes \sexually motivated which allows for enhanced sentencing and registration on the Sex Offender Registry.

Hernandez Perez was in the US illegally from his native El Salvador. At the completion of his prison sentence, Murphy said he will seek immediate deportation.

"This man is a predator and he must be sentenced to the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. He chose this woman at random and planned on raping her and killing her. He is a violent and dangerous man who needs to be sent to prison," said Murphy in a statement. "He picked the wrong woman, however. She was physically strong but more important, she was mentally strong. She had the will to live and jumped from a van going 60 miles an hour in the middle of no where, at night, naked and rolled for nearly 100 feet on the pavement. She got up, and ran into the woods barefoot desperately trying to save her own life. Hernandez-Perez pursued her and she could hear his footsteps behind her as she raced for a dim light in the distance. Fortunately, she got to a house while he got to his van and escaped."

The prosecution called 40 witnesses and put in more than 80 pieces of physical evidence including the victim's DNA which was found in his van, the gun, her clothing and her license which was found in his wallet which the DA maintained he kept as a trophy of his attack.

Sentencing has been scheduled for July 6.

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