Digital voting machines arrive in Schenectady County

Republican Commissioner of the Schenectady County Board of Elections Art Brassard said the new voting machines and the procedures in place with the new machines, the board of elections is now somewhere between Fort Knox and Homeland Security.

"No one should be worried about their vote being lost in this new system," said Brassard.

Quail said that the board of elections has looked at every possible problem that could be seen as an issue with the new voting machines and said the best thing a voter can do is to make sure to thoroughly darken the ovals next to their selections to obtain the best possible read of their ballot.

"You would have to have an error in the stick [flash drive], lose the paper ballots and lose the tape [recipt]," said Quail. "We should be able to get accurate votes in nuclear winter. We've taken everything into consideration so we are ready."

While the board of elections does not run the school district votes, which are up to the individual school districts, but provide the service of their machines and workers to administer the voting process. For the coming elections, the board of elections will provide over 30 machines to the school districts while printing out 30-40,000 ballots for the election. The voting process is still simplistic, according to board of election, with voters signing in at the voting site, filling out their ballot at a privacy booth and then scanning it into the machine.

"It's exciting and challenging to do this full roll out-it's going to be a good test," said Brassard. "I think people will be surprised about the ease of voting,.

For more information about the new voting machines and its technology, go online to www.schenectadycounty.com.


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