Holy Spirits

Now, Rich Nimmo is cancer free and the entrepreneurial couple just had a baby. Tara Nimmo said a family winery is the perfect kind of business to raise a family in.

"It's important to have a business that can teach about a strong family unit and work ethic; and, I can bring my child to work every day," said Tara Nimmo.

The couple travels to the Finger Lakes and hand selects the grapes they want, working directly with farmers and gathering enough to produce 14 wine varieties. They have traditional wines, fermented in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks for between six and eight months. They also make all natural varieties which consist solely of grapes and honey, no sulfites added. These varieties are fermented in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel for 18 months to two-and-a-half years. They are sweeter and pleasant for an after dinner nightcap or palate cleanser.

They have mainstays like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot sprinkled between unique flavors like Hillbilly Mountain Mash and Red Horseshoe. Their Riesling is slightly sweet with an aroma of peaches, citrus and paired nicely with salads or other light fare. Their Rustic Red is a slightly sweet blend, perfect with pizza or pasta.

All the wine is made on the premises and patrons can peek at the barrels sitting on a bed of cool rocks through a glass window behind the bar. If the winery isn't too busy, Rich Nimmo sometimes brings tasters back to see where their drink is made.

The Nimmos strive to create a personal and intimate wine tasting experience. For $5 customers can sample five wines at the rustic wood bar. They tried to make the atmosphere warm and inviting, said Tara Nimmo, with big log beams, birch tree accents and lots of windows.

"Tastings are interactive and informative. You really sit down one on one with whoever is serving behind the bar to go through and discuss the different types of wine," said Tara Nimmo.

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