Raising the barre

"Anyone can go in and take this, even if they've never done it before; that's how I started. They will walk out and say 'this is all the things I've done or heard about in one hell of a workout.' We do some things on the ballet barre that are very complimentary to all the areas a woman is concerned about," said Crane.

If Crane was going to do this, she was going to do it all the way, she said. This meant training her instructors with the very best"a woman named Andrea Fornarola who worked at Physique 57 before founding her own fitness center.

"It's pretty user friendly and good to have what we call a mind-body connection. The best part is that [Crane's] instructors are really well trained and all great at explaining exercises, which makes taking classes a much better experience to people new to this," said Fornarola.

Fornarola has taught clients like Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Dunst, as well as other successful women like photographers and Vogue editors. She said the routine is geared toward women but men do it too.

"It's similar to dance but without the pressure of performing well and you really don't need to know how to dance to do it. Once I started I wanted to do it as often as possible because it never gets easier and you see quick results," said Fornarola.

Quick results and sophistication are what makes Fornarola sure Barre Strength will take off in Saratoga Springs.

"It's fun and that's what attracts. All you need is an hour and you can get a total body workout. You use your own body's weight to reshape and define muscles and the music is fun," said Fornarola, who designed the routine herself.

The workout is a combination of Pilates, yoga, isometrics and a little weight and mat work. Barre Strength will be open seven days a week and has four instructors.

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