'Breaking' down fashion

Maceo Pray, almost 4, made his modeling debut at a kids fashion show at RPI at the end of February. His mother, Katie Pray, is an aspiring fashion designer that created children's clothing for the show, his outfit being an '80s inspired all white linen suit. This Friday, May 21, Maceo is hoping he can model for a second time at Electric City Couture Fashion Show at Proctor's in Schenectady.

He knew this was an adult fashion show but still asked if he could be in it, said Pray. "If I have time, I'll bust out a little shirt and pants for him to make a guest appearance in at the end of the show. He likes to break dance and wants to totally do a little version of it. It's so cute."

Break dancing and fashion might not seem to go hand-in-hand, but that's what this particular fashion show is all about"celebrating the art form of fashion. Pray said she didn't want it to be typical with models strutting down a runway. So, she decided to funnel her passion for hip hop dance into both her designs and the show.

"I wanted some element of performance so I've tried to make it so the audience feels like they're looking in at a scene from a club and not necessarily watching a fashion show. There will be old school checkered flooring for a dance club feel, high tables to set drinks on and a mini skit going on," said Pray.

Pray took break dance classes in November and loved it so much she recruited some people from her class to dance in the show. She has 10 models, three of which will break dance and all of whom will be decked out in "street style" clothing.

"It's like clothes you'd where out but not fancy," said Pray, who has been sending swatches of fabric down to her friend, "Blanco," in New York City who will be doing stencil graffiti on some shirts and skirts.

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