'Breaking' down fashion

The artwork is "street-y" with a funky feel, said Pray, and the color scheme is a lot of gray, black, blue and purple, with a little green. She said she gets a lot of inspiration from people watching, where she gets to see people try different clothing combos and outfits she might not have thought to pair together.

Pray didn't always want to be a fashion designer, but she said she seems to have had a distinct fashion sense forever.

"When I was in kindergarten, I wouldn't get on the bus because I refused to wear my Strawberry Shortcake pants. My mom made me walk to school because I missed the bus," said Pray. "Then my sister got me a sewing machine for a bridal shower present and I started making stuff, like little bags for birthdays."

Pray said she started sketching patterns on paper and didn't even realize she could take patternmaking classes until people started suggesting it.

"The next week I was sliding my credit card and taking the class. Even then, I honestly never said I wanted to be a fashion designer, I was just learning something new that was interesting to me and it kind of snowballed and became more like something I can actually do," said Pray, who took fashion classes at night and taught saxophone during the day.

Pray's already won "Project Larkway" and was commissioned to make her first wedding dress. Her next goal is to start selling her clothing, because up until now, she's been making pieces specifically for the person wearing it and not using a sizing system.

"I'd like to start making money instead of spending money. I'm at that point where I need to either go back and teach again or make this happen, and if I don't try I'll never know and I would die unhappy not knowing," said Pray.

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