Indian Ladder Farms brings children and farm animals together

Baby animals need tender loving care, just like children, and that's something Indian Ladder Farms is trying to show with Baby Animal Days, which takes place through Sunday, May 23. Families or school groups spend time in the barn learning about proper care of baby farm animals, gently touching them or taking pictures with them. Then they can head over to the learning center attached to the store for demonstrations involving bees, wool and other aspects of animal care.

The important reason we do it is to expose children to natural farm animals because there are a lot of opportunities for children to go and visit zoo animals or exotic ones, but this is one of the few places they can see regular farm animals, said Cecilia Soloviev, retail manager. "Kids aren't really sure if a chicken takes milk, or anything about farm animals, so this is a way for city kids who don't see animals on regular basis to learn."

Soloviev gives barn tours and demonstrations during the monthlong event. Her hope, she said, is to help young children " and even their parents " gain an appreciation for what a farm animal does and why they're so important.

"When we appreciate what a farm animal does for us, we start to appreciate why it's important to take care of them and why what farmers are doing for us are important," said Soloviev. "People lose track of where our food is coming from and forget it's important for all of us to work together. Milk doesn't come from a truck; it comes from a cow. Animals are important in a bigger picture of the world."

Soloviev knows firsthand how important farm animals are to making the world go 'round. She grew up on a farm in California and in addition to everyday farm work and animal care, she formed a special bond with them.

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