County gives 'green oil' the green light

McQueen said the wear and tear on the vehicles doesn't seem to be an issue.

"All the tests show that the cars ran very well with it and that it extended the interval for oil," said McQueen. "We could run [vehicles] for the extra period of time without seeing any problems to the car itself."

The 5W-30 weight engine oil is made from beef tallow, which is a part of the cow containing fat, which is then processed by nanotechnology to make the product, said S. Lee Bowden, president of Green Planet Products. The motor oil also breaks down much faster and after 28 days, said Bowden, the oil is "virtually gone" after accidental spilling or leaking.

"If you have a county interested in going into the green movement it is a viable alternative and it is cost-effective," said Bowden. "It is a fairly new product, so what we wanted to do was get some people testing it and bring back the results. We all run our cars on it, but it is nice to have a third party endorsement."

Bowden said the process to make the bio-oil is also less intensive than traditional oils, because to separate petroleum products into separate grades it must be heated up to around 650 degrees, while the bio-oil is blended from 80 to 120 degrees.

Bowden said the company is working on making the oil more readily available to consumers, but it is available for purchase at some auto stores and online retailers.

While no official agreement or purchase has been made yet, McQueen said the county is planning to move forward and purchase the product for county vehicles. How widespread the usage will be isn't known currently.

"We were pretty sure that they were going to be happy with it, because we have been running it in our cars for years with the same kind of results," said Bowden.""

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