A Mustang for Rosie's Love

You don't have to be a car nut to know that 1964 Mustang is a sweet ride, and that is why Colonie resident Pat Hedgeman is currently raffling off the classic vehicle to raise money for Rosie's Love Foundation.

The foundation is selling tickets for $20 each to raise money in honor of Rosie Francis Johnson, Hedgeman's granddaughter, who died at the age of 2 in 2000 after battling neuroblastoma for 21 months.

Ed Jasewicz donated the refurbished vehicle, which he worked on with his two sons, Ed and Jeffrey.

This car was donated with love to Rosie's Love, Hedgeman said.

Jasewicz said he had heard about the charity Hedgeman was running and figured it would be a great idea to donate the car.

"I know what it's like to go somewhere and not have everything," he said. "I figured I would give something back."

Jasewicz said the Mustang was originally a shell of a car and that he and his sons put in all new panel pieces, shocks, brake line and fuel lines. He said a new motor alone cost $2,000, but they never totaled how much the work on the entire car was.

"By no means am I a rich person," he said, adding that even as the country faces hard times, it's always good to give back. "It's just something we had to do."

He said he and his sons put in almost 12 hours a day working on the vehicle, constantly re-sanding and re-painting until it met their standards. Jasewicz said that working on cars is a hobby of his so it was really a labor of love because he had a lot of fun working with his sons on it.

"We've always helped people. That's what our family does," he said. "We wanted them to make as much money as they could on that car."

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