Amedore defeats Santabarbara in the 105th

The campaign saw many twists and turns. Amedore filled a lawsuit against Santabarbara's petition for the Change Albany Now party line alleging Santabarbara had committed fraud with his petition. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Santabarbara and said no fraud had been committed.

Then Santabarbara filed a fair campaign compliant against Amedore, which Amedore was found to have violated one principal. After Santabarbara filed the complaint he also released tapes he alleged proved his job was threatened by Amedore, but the conversation in question Amedore said was taken out of context and he never threatened his job.

"This has been a long drawn out election," said Amedore. "It was a tough battle, but I am very honored to receive the support and mandate to go back to Albany to represent the 105th Assembly District."

Amedore said he ran a clean campaign and he talked about the issues and the specifics of how jobs can be created from the private sector. He said he wanted to continue the work he has started since he got elected, because he is "making ground and picking up steam" on his projects.

"My message resonates with the people," said Amedore. "I come from the private sector, I'm a frustrated tax payer like they are and I am as concerned business owner in the state of New York. I don't like what the status-quo in Albany has been leaving our children, a lot of debt.""

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