Comp plan panel eyes high-tech future

"They [Colonie Center] were tax exempt for the first 10 years," he said. "In these economic times, I don't think the public will be receptive to tax breaks. I think we have to be very careful how we write those rules and guidelines so it's not open to so much interpretation."

Also at issue was whether the different neighborhoods in the town should be kept unique or become more uniform as one "Town of Colonie."

"We need to have some type of comment on that. We have some very distinct neighborhoods in this town," Hornick said. "Do we keep the neighborhoods as distinct as we do and try and celebrate it as an identity of the town or do we make it all as one Town of Colonie."

The discussion then led to whether each portion of the town should have the same rules and regulations. Rinaldi said that each community needs to be looked at "architecturally" and whether a business that is moving into there would fit the image.

"A business needs to get into that community based on its look or feel," he said. "No one town includes just one similar looking neighborhood. The City of Albany is really the City of Colonie, let's be real."

He said the town would need to look at an area like West Albany and be able to promote the best parts of that area.

Fahey said it would be hard to take "the older parts of town and make them look newer."

"We need rules to apply to the whole town instead of some historical and cultural areas instead of saying some areas are not equal to others," said Kathy Ordway. "There needs to be architectural review to make sure crap isn't going into these parts of town and that what's going in there fits."

The next two meetings planned are for Nov. 10 and Nov. 17. Building Department Director Mike Rosch said there are tentatively two public meetings scheduled " one at Town Hall on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m., and one at The Crossings on Dec. 14 at 2 p.m.""

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