Guilderland budget voted down

The budget also dips into town's $10.4 million in savings to avoid a tax increase. Redlich said using over $1.8 million of that sum is irresponsible considering the rapidly increasing pension and healthcare costs the town will have to continue shouldering in the future.

"We're not doing anything to prepare for that other than drawing out of our bank accounts," he said.

Councilman Mark Grimm also opposed the budget, and called its sales tax projection of $10 million "rosy."

"We have some pretty strong evidence that sales tax number is inflated," he said, referencing this year's underperforming tax receipts.

Runion said with the third quarter looking up, the town still might realize close to the $10 million of sales taxes budgeted for this year. Keeping that number flat is a recognition of the fact Guilderland has grown and will probably receive a bigger cut of the taxes after the distribution formula is refigured with 2010 census data.

He also argued the economic recession the perfect time to use the town's savings.

Councilman Paul Pastore"who supported the budget in last year's 3-2 approval " also cast a "no" vote, and said he's concerned about the plan given the uncertainty of union contract negotiations.

Councilwoman Patricia Slavick voted in favor of the budget without offering any comments.

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