Update: Hired YES coordinator withdraws application

"I just think by the approach we've taken...it's going to work out great," Messina said. "Governments have to put their best foot forward, and its a competitive environment."

Department of Parks and Recreation Administrator Nan Lanahan said the town is competing with a lot more recreational alternatives than were available 10 years ago. She said she'd welcome any effort to increase the program's exposure.

"We have our own niche, and we just need some help in getting people to find our niche," she said.

Hanifin said she's excited to be working for the town.

"I am absolutely thrilled to be working for the town," Hanifin said. "Given my experience in marketing and PR over the last few years, I think I have a lot to offer."

The Delmar resident declined to get into specifics of the job, as she had not yet started work.

Councilman Mark Hennessey cast the dissenting vote for the hiring, and said it had to do with the process, not the applicant. He said there was no public posting of the job position and he had not seen a job description for the position's new duties.

"I do have a problem with the position, I don't have a problem with the person we hired," he said. "I don't know what this person is supposed to doit is a very undefined job, where the funding is coming from several different places."

At the meeting, few details about the position were discussed. Hanifin's name was not mentioned, nor was information about the hire disclosed to the public as part of the town's new law on agenda attachment release. It was withheld for the purpose of protecting personal information, according to town documents.

The appointment was also included under the agenda heading of "approval of seasonal personnel," a fairly common vote the board often takes for the hiring of the Parks and Recreation Department's many part-time workers. The youth employment service coordinator position is part time.

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