Nisky school construction nearly done

"I think the feedback has been outstanding," said King. "The spaces are brighter; they're larger; and there is more technology."

Some of improvements included creating or enhancing learning spaces, modernizing classrooms, increasing energy efficiency and enhancing security.

"Each room is equipped with the latest technology tools," said Baughman.

With the digital world kids are growing up in, he said, it is important to facilitate this into the classroom to enhance the learning experience. Some of these digital elements include projection systems, electronic white boards and audio and visual elements.

Also, having bigger learning spaces provides classrooms with more versatility, he said.

"The learning spaces are larger in terms of square footage," said Baughman. "This permits classroom activities to be more hands-on and more project-based."

Rooms are also brighter because they have more natural light coming into them.

"There is a lot of research to show that a much brighter room, with lots of natural light, actually helps students' achievement and engagement," said Baughman.

High school students will also be feeling the benefits of a new geothermal heating and cooling system.

"For a minimal up-charge for heat and cooling, we provide a greater climate control," said Baughman. "The comfort of our students is pivotal, but perhaps the most important part of geo-thermal is it reduces the carbon footprint for kids and our school."

He said the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recently did an analysis of the energy saved by the new heating and cooling method, which resulted in an estimated $126,000 per year savings.

An improved security system also allows the school to electronically monitor anyone coming in and out of the building.

While students now can enjoy the additions to the high school, the construction process did strain school officials through planning, although, Trainer said while there wasn't any real crisis.

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