WMHT looking for Bethlehemites to tell town's stories

But whereas the Internet can be a vast wash of fragmented ideas, "Our Town" seeks to cull and hone what will be most informative and interesting for viewers, said Sauer. That ability to focus a message is where the value lies over new media.

"Our job is to serve as the curator," he said. "As popular as YouTube is, as popular as the Internet is, there are still so many more people who will watch television than who will visit YouTube."

The station will be holding a meeting on Monday, Nov. 29, 7 p.m., at the Farm Family Corporate Office, 344 Route 9W in Glenmont. There, producers will go over story ideas and offer some pointers. From there, taping will take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 12. On Dec. 13 and 14 the filmers will be interviewed by WMHT to provide a narrative for their stories, which will be edited and placed together into the 90-minute program.

"Our Town" Bethlehem is scheduled to air March 3, with a public screening a few days beforehand. Like the Amsterdam installment, there will also be a DVD release with expanded footage and an interactive Internet component, where viewers can use a map overlay to mark and share their own favorite town spots.

Sauer, a resident of Delmar, said he's excited to see what his neighbors come up with for Bethlehem. He thinks there's a wide variety of choices that make the town a good spot for the project.

"There's wonderful neighborhoods, there's wonderful architecture, there's characters in the town whose stories could be captured," he said. "It's really, I think, going to be hard to narrow down what you're going to do, because there's so many things you could focus on."

"Our Town" Amsterdam will air Thursday, Nov. 18, at 7:30 p.m. on WMHT.""

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