History moves on

Roth explained the tedious project of moving the mansion while on site in a hard hat observing the work being done.

Once the building was jacked up the original foundation was removed from the building. Then the carrier beams were placed underneath the mansion, followed by the traveler beams, which were attached to dollies, which are then attached to the rams.

All of the rams are hooked up hydraulically to the motors attached on the sides of the building. All the wheels underneath the building are motorized and are controlled by an individual wearing a little yellow pack, which is the remote control.

"It is like a Nintendo," said Roth about the remote control. "He takes it and drives it with that Nintendo and the rams underneath him automatically adjust to keep the structure level as it travels over the ground."

Workers then steer the building with a cable system attached to the wheels and adjust the cables to move the building in the desired direction.

To make sure the building was solid, the windows were filled in with bricks to help add support to the walls through the move.

"All of the windows had to be temporarily in-filled, because when they put these corner guards up and the chains around the building that actually keeps the whole structure rigid," said Roth. "If those windows weren't in-filled there would be too much give so they would rack, crack and crumble, so it gives the whole building stability so when they hit a bump or whatever it stays solid."

With the mansion moved, the underground infrastructure can begin to be put in, said Roth. When the site plan was modified the infrastructure also had to be adjusted and could not be built until the move occurred.

As far as the rest of the plaza's future development goes, there are businesses currently interested to move into the plaza, said Roth.

"We do have a couple of tenants that are currently under lease for the plaza and hopefully within four to six weeks we plan on having a actual groundbreaking ceremony and announcement of the tenants we currently have coming to the site," said Roth on Nov. 3.""

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