Nisky senior bus plan under fire

McKinney said after the meeting hat he would "hesitate" to call the seniors a lobby, but he pointed out that in the past the bus has been used to bring seniors to polling locations on Election Day.

"You are kind of deciding free speech for them," said McKinney after the meeting. "You are promoting them voting, but won't let them come and dissent at a meeting."

Landry compared the situation to when children were asking the board members to consider letting an ice cream truck operate in the town again. He thought there was no difference between picking up children in the bus and picking up the seniors.

"You want to take a town bus and pick up people and bring them to a Town Board meeting and they are going to take sides and advocate for one side of an issue," said Landry after the meeting. "You can not use a town vehicle to selectively pick who you want to a Town Board meeting."

Landry also said bringing seniors to voting locations isn't lobbying, because it is a public service the town offers seniors.

"If you are not comfortable taking [seniors] to a board meeting what is the difference if you are taking to them to vote?" said McKinney. "If you are going to take a senior to vote, isn't that in fact helping a discreet group?"

While McKinney said he isn't advocating stopping taking seniors to vote, he doesn't see how there is a real difference between the two situations.

Landry is still the chair of the senior committee for the town since McKinney resigned from his position on Oct. 4 over the reorganization of the senior program and how he said he was excluded. The most recent meeting was also held on a night that senior programs are offered at the center, which led some seniors to say there is a conflict in scheduling.

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