SG schools project ahead of schedule

One important improvement for the public was the repairing of the high school track, which is available for residents to use.

"We only hit a few minor hiccups in the early stage," said Jojo about the track repair.

Some cracks were found in the carpet of the track, which is underneath the running surface, and they were repaired, he said.

"The track is actually performing better than I thought it was going to be," said Jojo.

"A 20 year old track, when you can't see what it is, you apply some experience that you got and it worked out really well."

Although the track will eventually need to be completely replaced since future maintenance work might not be possible.

"In 15 years when the tracks needs to be replaced, it will actually have to go back down to the ground," said Jojo. "We would probably not be able to reinvigorate it any more, so I just wanted to make sure that folks really get a handle on that."

Middle school students might also appreciate that their library will be getting a much-needed fix.

"Getting rid of that open floor model of library form the 1970's I think is one of the biggest goals and achievement of this project," said Hanlon. "The library is supposed to be the center piece of the school that wasn't happening at our middle school because of the design and layout of the library."

The library located on the second floor of the middle school previously had no walls and only bookcases used for a sort of barrier. When classes would change, said Hanlon, the library would be very noise since it had no buffer from outside activity.

Leaky roofs at some elementary schools are an issue the developer is also trying to address.

"We are still investigating that, you have had it for 10 years, so you have to give me a little time to investigate that," said Jojo regarding the Glen-Worden roof that is leaking.

Hanlon said if these improvements were put off further the expense would only increase in the future.

"It is a conservative community and we don't get a lot of changes to make these kind of improvements," said Hanlon.""

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