Neighbors launch iPhone game app

Malsan needed a tester, so he enlisted his nephew's help, who is a senior at Bethlehem High School.

"My nephew did a lot of the quality control. We gave him test versions of the application before it went into iTunes and he would sit and play it and stress test it for us. He'd play dozens of times, use the hint button over and over again and provided us with a couple pages worth of feedback about what he liked and didn't like," said Malsan.

One aspect of the game that differentiates it from other similar applications out there is the built in scoring system, said Malsan.

"It's not only solving the problem or solving the puzle, but solving it in the best way if you're challenging a friend to Sudoku it's who can do it the fastsest, but if you're challenging a friend in our game, it's not only who can do it the fastest but who can solve it the smartest way," said Malsan.

The last obstacle in Cohabit's creation was finding a name.

"We tried to find a unique name. We didn't want to leverage the Sudoku brand because it's the same concept but different and better," said Malsan. "Cohabit means to coexist in the same space and what our game does it try to get people to put a number and color in the same space at the same time."

Cohabit is available for purchase in the iTunes store for $1.99. It features various size grides that can be solved in as little as 30 seconds or take several minutes to complete, making it perfect, Malsan said, for a time filler while waiting in line at the grocery store or doctor's office, or for a leisurely night on the couch. Specific information about Cohabit and Avexa is available at avexa.com/cohabit.


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