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Pattie Rakvica has a bucket list. It's a list of things she'd like to do at some point in her lifetime; dreams that she wants to make a reality, for her own satisfaction and just to say she did it. She wants to skydive, write a children's book, be a personal trainer, travel to Greece and host her own blog, among others.

So far, she can check two items off her list. One, being a personal trainer, as she recently got her certification online, and two, in regard to blogging, as she will be The Spotlight's newest blogger at spotlightnews.com with the debut of Blog Ambition.

"I wanted 'Blonde Ambition' but Madonna had stolen that from me years ago," said Rakvica. "Every day's an opportunity to be better and do better, and everything in life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so pay attention so you don't miss out. I want to be a catalyst to wellness, not only for myself but to others."

Rakvica, 43, of Burnt Hills, wants her blog posts to serve a simple purpose: inspire. She will do that, she said, by "just writing." In other words, whatever comes to mind could pop up online.

"I hope by writing, people can turn my story into their own positive thing; someone will associate and comment back, and hopefully I can be a catalyst to their wellness, somehow, just as an outlet to talk," said Rakvica. "I hope they get something out of it. Maybe they're down and can't get out of bed and yet they think twice because of something I wrote. At times, some of my blogs will be very silly, because we all need to laugh, too."

She said she's always been a "glass half full" type of person, it's in her spirit; but it wasn't until a life-changing accident that she really had a reason grab life by the horns and truly live in the moment.

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