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"I always appreciated my life; my family, my son, my husband. But this was my realization it could be taken away in a second, so why wait? If you want to do something " I'm not saying go out and spend your retirement or anything " but make a list and check things off. Write it in pencil if you have to, it can be changed, but make it and do it," said Rakvica.

In July 2009, Rakvica was driving the family Mini Cooper with her son, then 12, when a woman distracted by talking and texting on her cellphone rammed into them at 60 miles an hour, sending their little car spinning into other lanes of traffic and causing them to get hit again. They both walked away from the accident, but the car was crushed right up to the front seats and Rakvica suffered numerous broken bones, a broken neck and a traumatic brain injury that essentially erased her ability to speak properly.

"My speech was slurred, my right hand wasn't working, I paused a lot and stuttered quite a bit. I went to therapy three to four days a week, cognitive and physical therapy, and it was basically learning how to form letters again I had to learn to speak and it was like being in kindergarten again," said Rakvica.

The months of therapy were grueling on an emotional level, as she was re-learning everything she knew how to do in the back of her brain, but couldn't manifest outwardly. To avoid lying in bed everyday, depressed and lamenting "poor me," she said she turned to writing.

"With all that emotion, I started to write because No.1, people couldn't understand me because I stuttered or lost my train of thought, so writing became a wonderful outlet for me. I was writing about how I was mad, how I changed and I don't know how to get back; and then I realized I didn't know if I wanted to get back," said Rakvica. "I still don't consider myself a writer, I just love to write."

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