Rotterdam's budget cuts spending, lowers taxes

DiLeva echoed Parisi's comment and said she had been requesting a meeting for months from the supervisor to talk with department heads as board.

"You haven't asked for nothin' stop and tell the truth Nicky, you never have and you never will," said Del Gallo. "You never asked for nothing from me."

Parisi stated DiLeva had asked at public meetings to have the board meet and discuss the budget, but Del Gallo wasn't backing down from his argument.

"You undermined me from the day I came into office, all of you," said Del Gallo. "I will be here for another year and I will do the best I can for the citizens of Rotterdam, without one nickel from them, without any credit for them, I want nothing for it. I'm not looking for my next campaign and votes like you all are, so why don't you just do the job you took on and quit fighting with the administration and work with them and don't work against them."

DiLeva asked if she could answer the supervisor and he said she could, "but it won't be the truth."

"First of all I resent everything that the supervisor has said," stated DiLeva. "Since we have been on this board we have been trying to work with the supervisor."

After failed attempts to try and setup a meeting with the supervisor, said DiLeva, she reached out to Parisi and Martin to draft amendments to the budget to lower the tax increase. She said she and the other board members separately meet or discussed with department heads and the Comptroller Patrick Aragosa about their goal to lower spending.

Del Gallo pressed DiLeva to answer what department heads she had talked to, but she said she didn't want name people because of the experience she had while working on the amendments.

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