Rotterdam's budget cuts spending, lowers taxes

"Every time I talk to somebody in here, they get questioned," said DiLeva.

The board eventually recessed, so department heads in attendance could all have a list of the proposed changes. Also, the supervisor and deputy supervisor had some time to look over the amendments.

Before voting on the changes, DiLeva went through and discussed the each of the more than 70 drafted amendments to the budget.

Some of the changes included cutting all office supplies for every department by 10 percent, reducing spending in the law department, cutting spending in the police and public works department, adding $100,000 in revenue of ALS related billing from emergency medical services and adding an additional $100,000 from the fund balance to total $1.6 million used from the reserve.

Before voting Godlewski said he didn't support some of the amendments and made clear his opinions. Some of his disagreements included cutting funding in the law line, cutting funding in the police department and putting ALS revenue into the budget without any solid figures in place for how much revenue could be created.

Adding money from the fund balance also wasn't something Godlewski supported. He said relying on the fund balance is a crutch and the town needs to stop relying on the reserve to lower the tax burden.

"If this budget is approved with these amendments, you're already in the hole for $1.6 million next year," said Godlewski. "So next year where are you going to get the $1.6 million you are digging a deeper hole."

With three votes in support of the amendments from Parisi, Martin and DiLeva and a no vote from Godlewski, Del Gallo shared his thoughts before casting an additional "no" vote.

"If I was to run my business this way I would probably be broke next year," said Del Gallo.

Without the supervisor or deputy supervisors' approval the amended budget passed shortly after the amendments were approved with a 3 to 2 vote ending the long debate.""

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