Sperry's makes Thanksgiving simple

Chef Dale Miller wants to put the simple back in Thanksgiving, so for the past 25 years or so, he's spent the day (and weeks leading up to it) in whatever professional kitchen he's currently working in, preparing the massive traditional meal for whoever takes him up on his offer.

The host gets to actually sit with family and enjoy the meal and the day, as opposed to being so frazzled trying to pull everything together. To me, it's a win-win situation, said Miller. "And, I don't think you could go buy all the ingredients for that price."

This year, Miller will do his annual cooking at Sperry's at 30 _ Caroline St. in Saratoga Springs where he recently became executive chef when new ownership took over. For $199, he will provide Thanksgiving dinner for 12 to 14 people under the restaurant's "Home for the Holidays" special.

"We just love this idea; and knowing that Chef Dale Miller is cooking your Thanksgiving dinner would make anyone relax and feel confident that they are getting a bountiful and delicious meal," said co-owner, Christel MacLean.

So what does it take for Miller to create Thanksgiving? According to his estimates, many pounds of the freshest ingredients, prepared in the freshest way.

"We use a 22 pound turkey; four pounds of mashed potatoes, which leaves more than enough for leftovers; four pounds of stuffing, which works out to be at least two to three cups each of onion and celery and about a loaf of bread, along with some sausage; about two pounds of orange glazed candied yams; a quart of cranberry relish, which takes around a bag of whole cranberries, two apples and one orange with the rind and skin and all, and two cups of sugar," said Miller. "I give two quarts of gravy; three pounds of seasonal autumn vegetables, which is an assortment of carrots, brussel sprouts, rutabaga that's a harvest succotash type mixture; the choice of two pies, either pumpkin custard, apple, dutch apple die or bourbon pecan (pumpkin and apple are the most popular) that are all made on the premise; 18 rolls and butter; one-and-a-quarter pounds of mixed green salad with balsamic vinegrette, tomatoes, cucumbers and crumbled bleu cheese; and a complimentary pumpkin bread."

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