Ferry Road Bridge completed in Nisky

One element with the older bridge was the line of sight across the bridge wasn't optimal, so the vertical curve of the new bridge was greatly reduced to allow for full sight across the bridge. The previous and current bridge has no traffic light, but the light traffic of the bridge and awareness of locals has prevented accidents, said Filkins.

He said previously he drove across the old bridge and realized after he was on it that another car was crossing the bridge. Cars tended to drive slowly over the old bridge, he said, and the only accident he could recall was a car trying to turn around on the bridge resulting in the motorist hitting the bridge structure.

Gray said there are eight houses and one farm on the peninsula and data shows there is an average of 150 trips a day across the old bridge. The one-lane style bridge was kept due to the light traffic and budgetary constraints, said Filkins. To fully repair the old bridge would have cost just as much, he said, but would have added logistical problems.

"It would have cost just as much to bring it up to standards," said Gray. "In trying to do that you couldn't have allowed traffic to cross it so we threw that out right away."

Around a century ago there was no need for the bridge, but when the Erie Canal was upgrade the backchannel water rose and residents could no longer access their homes, said Gray.

"It is a little local rode, but that is why New York State is involved with it," said Gray explaining the history.

The Town of Colonie water line was also replaced during the project, because the new bridge was constructed over the existing water line.

"The biggest challenge was really getting the water line done, that was a tricky operation," said Gray. "It was a bit tricky in some spots, but it got done."

If the bridge construction wasn't completed on time there was a $2,500 per-day penalty for the construction company.""

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