Ellis Hospital recognized for cardiovascular treatment

Ellis is working with some emergency medical service partners to make the process even faster, by providing them with equipment to transmit the electrocardiography (EKG) readings right to a cardiologist's cell phone. Before the patient arrives at the hospital the severity of the situation is already known to allow for proper precautions and preparations to be started.

"It is amazing technology, it truly is," said Reich about EKG advancements. "It also saves a lot of problems."

Susan Devito experienced care at the hospital first hand when she had a heart attack on Dec. 9 in 2009 and was brought to Ellis for treatment.

"The care was exceptional," said Devito. "I have to say the whole team, the nurses were wonderful and everyone was just great. The cardiologists truly impressed me."

Hearing the hospital was recognized wasn't a surprise to Devito.

"It doesn't surprise me that they were named one of the top 50 hospitals, it is wonderful," said Devito. "I feel so comfortable that I have this hospital in my community that I know if anything happened to me or my family I am going to receive the best care in the future."

She said she is the mother of three daughters, ages 18, 15, and 11, so she told doctors when she was brought in to the hospital that she had to "stay around" to raise them. Her oldest daughter also called the ambulance for her when she had her heart attack.

"Life is so precious that I could have lost my life that day, things are just more special now," said Devito.

The hospital is able to provide this level of care, said Reich, because there is a team dedicated only to cardiovascular patients and there are surgeons that do nothing but cardiovascular surgery.

"Even if I am stuck in the operating room or away on a meeting the patients are still taken care of by the same team," said Reich.

He credits the tightly knit team for the success and quality of care received by patients, because the staff can focus on the care.

"You do one thing every day you get really good at it," said Reich. "Having the same group of people around, we get to know each other really well and we work together really well. It is the philosophy that we are not teaching a new person how to take care of our patients every day.""

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