Song is the anti-bully

Olivia Howard, a student in Benardo's class, shared her experience with bullying and said the song was a fun way to get across the message of "stop bullying."

"It helped to talk about it and get support from our classmates. It was really fun and we got to express our feelings in the song and it was just a really nice song. Our class really enjoyed it," said Howard. "I really do want to stop [bullying] because it will make the schools a lot safer and a better place. If you turn it into something fun kids might understand it more. It was a nice experience; once in a lifetime."

Zoriana Moulton, a fellow student, said the anti-bullying song was a fun and useful learning exercise and that teaching through music would be a good tool for more topics than just bullying.

"It was really fun to just make up the song and have it performed. All our friends helped and pitched in to make up the words and it was fun to hear us singing on the radio," said Moulton. "A lot of kids like to listen to songs and watch dancing and stuff, so if we danced to it it would be fun because people would be listening, learning and having fun just watching us."

This isn't the first time Phillips has used his traveling keyboard and local celebrity to explore topics with children. He's been taking his Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' tour on the road for 15 of his 22 years with WGNA.

"Kids are not afraid of throwing their ideas out and I always pick a subject that expresses a value, like being respectful, be honest," said Phillips. "When I started out we'd write about anything like the pet rabbit in the classroom, but thought maybe we should make it a bit more meaningful."

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