Glenville OKs amended town budget

Tax increase near 5 percent as last-minute change adds to expenses

Glenville Residents can expect to see their taxes rise with the Town Board unanimously approving the 2011 budget, which saw a last-minute change reestablishing a full-time position.

The town's 2011 adopted budget reached $11.7 million and included a residential tax increase of 4.7 percent. A total of $1.1 million will be used from the town's fund balance and the budget holds an increase around $200,000 in appropriated expenses from 2010.

Councilman Alan Boulant presented an amendment to the budget to restore the dog control officer position back to full-time over concerns of services being affected by the reduction.

When we were looking at the budget and we were making the cost cuts that we could make to help the budget, we made some changes and eliminated some positions. We originally took DCO to part-time to save money, said Boulant. "I just felt that the service the town was going to get from a part-time position was not going to be adequate."

Boulant said there are around 2,400 dogs in the town and village and there are two parks in the town with an additional dog park approved to be developed. Also, municipalities are taking over dog licensing due to a change in state law, which Boulant estimated to result in $5,000 revenue for the town.

The board approved the amendment in a 4 to 1 vote to reinstate the position and add the estimated revenue, with Councilman Mark Quinn voting down the amendment.

"I'm still not fully convinced of this full-time position," said Supervisor Christopher Koetzle before casting his approval vote. "After talking this out with board members, staff and management I'm inclined to vote yes to restore full-time with the caveat I do want us to be vigilant and look at this again as we go forward in the next six months or so and see if we're properly staffed."

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