Local couple helps Haiti

"There was so many people involved in that moment and I got to be a small piece," he said. "The mom was just thrilled because here were some people that didn't know her and there was a group of people providing this care for the son."

Ashley Hart said even through the natural disaster the children remained spirited and enjoyed the company of the mission workers.

"All the children just ran up to you and wanted to be close to you and wanted hugs," she said. "Even with all the devastation it was incredible to see how happy they were. They still had big smiles on their face and they just wanted to feel that love from somebody."

The biggest challenges for her were that medicine in Haiti is different from that in the states and there was also a language barrier. Only a certain amount of medicine was available, she said, so she had to make do with what she had. Interpreters were with the group to assist in communication.

"There was probably 50,000 people in the few blocks we were in," she said. "There is just so many people in such a small area. Driving is tough because you are trying to drive around piles of rubble and people walking down the middle of the road."

There were some patients that would come into the clinic and the group would advise them to go to the hospital, she said, but they would say they couldn't go because if they left their tent where they sell goods or items because everything would get stolen. She said the people lined up their stands along the side of the road.

"Our problems we have [in the United States] seem extremely small to what other people are dealing with," said Andrew Hart. "There is definitely a need for more people to step up and help out."

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