Glenville unveils tentative budget

Koetzle said he tried to create a budget with a multiyear approach to give the town's financial condition a chance to improve over time. Unlike most surrounding municipalities, residents of Glenville bear the brunt of a tax increase the greatest. Around 80 percent of property taxes for the town come from residents, opposed to a more even distribution between residential and commercial in other municipalities.

"I think if you look at the pre-2008 economy, things were good," said Koetzle. "We no longer have the revenue to support where we are."

Councilman Mark Quinn said the town needs to get more "creative" about its revenue sources.

"I think the parks are a revenue source that we are overlooking, and we need to start aggressively pursuing that," said Quinn.

Quinn said parks could yield much greater revenue from fees. Also, he said having concession stands selling food in the parks would help out. The town could also better advertise and promote the use of pavilions to increase renting fees acquired from them, he said.

Koetzle said adjusting for changes in the highway fund, which saw an 11 percent increase, was a big part of the budget. In 2010, the town received $500,000 from FEMA for a one-shot boost to the highway budget, but that money was not available this year, leading the town to tap heavily into the fund balance.

"We expended more fund balance than I would have liked to this year," said Koetzle. "I wanted to do more, but we just couldn't, because we had to address that $500,000 item."

Koetzle is still looking into to lowering town expenses by encouraging concessions from unions on health insurance coverage. Koetzle said there are seven strategies to achieve savings, which include establishing a base plan for employees, increasing the co-pay for employees by $5, increasing employee premium percentage contribution, reducing or eliminating the "opt-out" option, eliminating prescription reimbursements, increasing drug card co-pays and establishing an upfront drug card deductible.

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