Library to host sword-wielding book launch

"I wrote 'Eyes of a Goddess before Nick got sick and then I just had more important things to handle, but I wanted to finish this book because he had a lot of input in the book. The one character, Akir, the first lord, he made up that charcter and had a lot of ideas in the book. The book kind of changed a lot after his death; it deals with a lot of universal themes of how you can't control what happens in your life but what you do about it and how you react to it defines who you are as a person," said Cammarata, referencing a major theme in this latest novel. "Nick read parts of it and read the first book a couple times, and loved it; he would say it was his favorite book and came on book signings with me. He was very actively involved."

The trilogy started with the first book that was released in 2006. Cammarata said her writing process has been sporatic and in no way systematic, with her just writing as she goes.

"It's definitely a process. I have a loose outline of what's going to happen but I like to write and see; develop my characters first and see what their conflicts are and weave the story around them," said Cammarata.

Many of the storylines come from everyday experiences combined with Cammarata's own background in martial arts and her love of celtic mythology.

"A lot of characters are based on historical figures that I weave into an interesting story using martial arts and a very avid imagination. The books are geared toward young adults but adults can read them also if they want an action packed adventure with strong female and male characters," said Cammarata. "I did an independent study on [celtic literature] to complete my masters and really loved it because there were such strong female characters and Irish myths are very rich in magic and folklore, so it really attracted my attention."

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