Santabarbara files fair campaign complaint against Amedore

Angelo Santabarbara filed a complaint of unfair campaign practices against George Amedore today, Oct. 8, alleging Amedore violated campaign principles 2 and "4."

The first allegation made by Santabarbara is Amedore violated the second principle by calling Santabarbara a "lawbreaker" in a newspaper report prior and after the Supreme Court's decision finding Santabarbara not guilty of any fraudulent practices.

The second allegation is Amedore distributed a press release where he was quoted to have a "dissenting opinion of a court of appeals justice," where he presented a separate case to use as precendent for making a decision in fraud allegations against Santabarbara.

Fair Campaign Practices for the Capital Region principle 2 states, "The candidate will not engage in, permit, or condone unfair or misleading attacks upon the character of an opponent." Also, principle 4 states, "The candidate will not use, permit the use of, or condone the use of any campaign material or advertisement that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies a fact or the facts regarding either the candidate or an opponent."

Currently, there is no set hearing date for Santabarbara's complaint against Amedore.

Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, is running against Amedore, R-Rotterdam, in the upcoming election for the New York State 105th Assembly District.

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