Candidates face off

Candidates for the 110th Assembly district and the 44th Senate district faced off in a set of candidate forums hosted by the League of Women Voters and moderated by the Spotlight at Maple Avenue Middle School in Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

BK Keramati (D-Galway) who is challenging incumbent Jim Tedisco (R, C, I-Saratoga) for his seat in the Assembly has built his platform around overhauling campaign finance laws, enforcing term limits and non partisan redistricting, eliminating property tax to fund public schools and creating green jobs, saying his 28-year career with GE will help him accomplish that.

Tedisco, a 28-year incumbent, said he wants to lower property taxes, cap spending, cut taxes to create jobs and that he already has the legislation in his hands to reform redistricting.

I carry the bill on our side of the aisle to reform the redistricting process in New York State to create an outside independent commission to base a district on commonality of the people in the village, town, cities and counties, not on power blocks in majorities, said Tedisco. "I believe I've shown one person can make a difference against overwhelming odds."

Audience members questioned candidates on the anti-incumbency sentiment sweeping voters. Keramati said he thinks term limits could avert this feeling altogether.

"Voters are fed up with the way Albany works. They look at legislaters and say they haven't been able to do their job, especially ones that have been there a long time," said Keramati. "I believe in some cases that's fair. But I believe in term limits it's good to have a flow of new ideas, backgrounds and walks of life who are more in tune with what's going on."

Tedisco said he has faith that voters in the 110th district know who is "part of the problem" and who's not.

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