Candidates face off

"I think [they're] smart enough to know who are part of the solution and problem and are smart enough to take their vote seriously and look at the record of people they vote for and look at what they stand for," said Tedisco.

Candidates were asked to reveal who they support for governor and if they support Paladino, do they renounce his homophobic statements.

"I support Andrew Cuomo. I think Paladino doesn't have the capabilities or approach to be the leader of this state and I would be embarrassed to have him as our leader," said Keramati.

Tedisco said that while some of Paladino's statements were inappropriate and things "no candidate should make," he's distracted the media from some major things.

"It's ironic that Cuomo is talking about standing up to special interest groups, capping property taxes, holding the line on spending sounds like a conservative republican campaign," said Tedisco, who said his final voting decision should be made in the privacy of a voting booth like all other voters.

Both candidates said that they felt hyrdrofracking for natural gas needed to be researched further to ensure ground water would not be contaminated but that there was a definite need to find alternative fuel sources, with Tedisco referring to the alternative fuel fund he put forth several years ago and Keramati saying resources should be spent on finding renewable energy sources to halt global warming and protect the public.

Candidates were asked for their views on how much legislators should concern themselves with regulating the lifestyles of constituents. Tedisco said there's a need for guidelines, regulation and educating people.

"We have an obesity problem in New York State and across the nation. One side of the aisle says the answer is to put all the ingredients in the front of a restaurant and tell them they can't use saturated fatmy proposal called FIT [fitness income tax credit] says if you enroll a child in a fitness program, in little league, we'll give you income tax credit because you're working on the other side of keeping people healthy," said Tedisco.

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