Candidates face off

Keramati said it's the responsibility of a legislator to protect the public and if there's enough scientific data to prove something is harmful, should put proper incentives in place to drive people away from it.

"Healthcare is a huge cost in our nation I am for the government to control sugary drinks and when we put a large tax on cigarettes their use when down significantly," said Keramati.

Tedisco rebutted, saying the cigarette tax might discourage people from smoking, but that means they're not paying taxes on cigarettes.

"If from smoking they won't pay taxes on cigarettes I'm trying to say they're talking out both sides of their mouth," said Tedisco.

Campaign funds were an issue, with Keramati calling for full public funding of campaigns and Tedisco pushing for legislation on bundling.

"I think the effect of money on politics is so corrupting I am for full public funding of elections. It doesn't take a lot of money, compared to the overall budget it's peanuts. If they get elected using public funding, we know they're working for us and I think any other measure will be a band aid," said Keramati.

"The thing that concerns me about having taxpayers fund elections is they support me and my opponents because they believe in our ideaswhat if a candidate is a Ku Klux Klan member I don't want my taxpayer dollars forced to pay for candidate that have nothing to do with what my constituents agree with and then we will have a bunch of millionaires running for Congress," said Tedisco.

A big question posed to both candidates was regarding the government lockdown and how to avoid it. Keramati said it comes down to trust in the legislature.

"What an ugly year for the state of New York the fundamental problem we have in the state is we don't trust our legislators, don't trust they're working for us. We prevent that starting from reforms I talked about which is campaign finance reform so they at least have the right motivation," said Keramati, who closed saying every problem is an opportunity if treated correctly.

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