Cyberbully law sent back to committee

In other news from the legislature, Tuesday also saw the passing of a law banning the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to persons under 18 in Albany County.

These items use an electronic charge to vaporize a nicotine solution, delivering it in the form of a water vapor. These solutions often contain flavoring and, since the devices do not involve actual smoke, can legally be used indoors where smoking is banned.

Legislator Bryan Clenahan, D-Guilderland, said he's received numerous complaints about the e-cigarettes from concerned parents and advocates.

"They're clearly being aimed at teenagers," he said.

"This is a very dubious product that is now being sold to us as a way to quit smoking and as a way to get around the Clean Air Act," said Legislator Timothy Nichols, D-Latham.

The law passed with a unanimous vote, with numerous legislators asking to have their names added as co-sponsors.

The legislature also passed by a vote of 25-11 a law to impose a 6 percent tax on hotel or motel room rentals. The tax will take effect on January 1 of 2011.


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