McDonald, Yepsen debate

McDonald said he proposed a rural recovery plan for farms and farming communities that he was proud of, but was disappointed it went nowhere.

"It's very difficult for people from the Big Apple to realize how different we are from them, in a positive way, but nevertheless, different," said McDonald. "I voted against the state budget for years in a row because the last two budgets would do more to hurt farming communities in New York State."

Yepsen rebutted, saying the "blame games" have to stop.

"Upstate, downstate, that game is not doing anybody any good in the future. I've already begun to work with downstate senators and when we have a strong upstate voice in the senate, we will be more effective. We've got to have a real voice at the table and I will work every single day with those downstate senators to bring more funding up here," said Yepsen.

McDonald rebutted, saying that downstate senators don't care about upstate.

"Sen. Adams voted against VLT money, that was the budget, they all voted against that and took money from us we've got to stand up to these people because they're hurting the rest of upstate," said McDonald.

Audience member asked who each candidate supported for governor and if it was Carl Paladino, did they support his position on gay marriage.

"Carl Paladino and I have virtually nothing in common what we do have are two fine individuals, Harry Wilson and Dan Donovan, so my mission is to determine which one of them I'll write in for governor because they're running for wrong office," said McDonald. "My position is like President Obama's; I believe in civil unions and civil rights."

"My candidate is Andrew Cuomo and I'm extremely proud to be on the ticket [with him]. He's responsible, full of integrity and has a five point plan to reduce taxes and spending he's talking about consolidating government at local and state levels and also maximizing federal funding,," said Yepsen.

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