Rotterdam divided over budget

"There is a lot more on our part we can do, but we just haven't had a chance cause it was just given to us," said DiLeva. "Yes, I am confident that it will be lower. I will never, ever, ever agree to an 11 percent increase in taxes."

Parisi didn't feel as optimistic the budget could be lowered before approval.

"I have no indication that the board will be able to do that at all," said Parisi. "The two leaders have little or no support for the three other members."

Parisi said he is going to talk with DiLeva about solutions for lowering the budget, but he doesn't know if Del Gallo and Deputy Supervisor Robert Godlewski would accept the changes.

"I hope we can do better than what they've done," said Parisi. "They refused to meet with board members on several times. Now they came out on their budget and it is a disaster, so now we got to try to do our best to solve the problem."

Parisi said the only meeting Del Gallo and Godlewski had before releasing the budget was at the home or store of Del Gallo and he didn't go cause it was not a proper place to discuss the budget.

"You got to remember one thing, Gerard Parisi is a big liar," said Del Gallo. "He can meet with the board and meet with me anytime he wants, he has never asked me."

Del Gallo said he has some ideas to lower the budget before adoption.

"It is really too early yet to know how to lower the budget, but we are going to lower the budget," said Del Gallo.

DiLeva also said there are some specific adjustments to the budget she would like to make, but she wants to hear from residents first.

"I'm sure there will be some good ideas brought forth by the public," said DiLeva.""

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