Update: Santabarbara files fair campaign complaint

Amedore denies using unfair campaign practices

Not too long after Amedore lost his lawsuit against Santabarbara, the contention continues as Santabarbara alleges Amedore has violated principles of the Fair Campaign Practices for the Capital Region.

Angelo Santabarbara filed a complaint of unfair campaign practices against George Amedore Friday, Oct. 8, alleging Amedore violated fair campaign principles 2 and "4."

"I filed this complaint, because I felt that some of their principles where violated," said Santabarbara. "I would like the fair campaign practices to take a look at it and make a determination."

Amedore doesn't believe he violated any fair campaign principles and said Santabarbara has been sending out more negative campaign literature.

"I don't send out any type of literature that has anything negative, or that is not true, regarding my opponent," said Amedore. "He can't say that, because he is putting out literature and information that is more negative towards me."

The first allegation made by Santabarbara is Amedore violated the second principle by calling Santabarbara a "lawbreaker" in a newspaper report prior and after the Supreme Court's decision finding Santabarbara not guilty of any fraudulent practices.

"When the candidate himself signs it and witnesses it or even his closet family members do the same without any objection to, well, we know this is against the rules or against the law, lets try to sneak it in there," said Amedore. "All I did was bring to light the challenge from the signatures and get an explanation form the candidate."

Santabarbara said the Court determined there wasn't any fraud committed in his independent party line nomination for Change Albany Now.

"The courts determined there was no fraud committed and my opponent continues to say there was," said Santabarbara. "I filed this complaint because people are sick and tired of politics as usual."

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