EXCLUSIVE: Santabarbara: tape proves my job was threatened

Will send tapes to AG, Amedore denies threats

Assembly candidate Angelo Santabarbara ,D-Rotterdam, has provided The Spotlight with audio recordings he says proves incumbent 105th District Assemblyman George Amedore, R-Rotterdam, threatened Santabarbara's job by telling his employer a political challenge would be bad for business.

Santabarbara said the audio recording is of parts of a conversation between him and Amedore on or around April 29 at Aperitivo Bistro in downtown Schenectady. Amedore was not aware of the recording, said Santabarbara, which he says occurred a full month before Santabarbara officially announced his candidacy.

He is planning on turning this information, which includes the audio recordings, over to the Attorney General's office, so they can conduct a full investigation and get any other evidence Santabarbara doesn't have in his possession.

In the tapes provided by Santabarbara, he discusses with Amedore what was said to Santabarbara's boss, Joe Lanaro, vice president of engineering services for The Chazen Companies.

In the first recording, Santabarbara said to Amedore, [Lanaro] said if I ran for office, after he talked to you, uh, that you discussed that, uh, if I ran for office, it would be bad for Chazen, really bad for Chazen because of stuff going on in Saratoga, stuff about Jasper Nolan

Nolan is the chairman of the Saratoga County Republican Committee.

Amedore responded to Santabarbara in the recorded conversation and said, "I had the conversation with him about what I was telling you. You know, I said, 'Joe, what's going on here? Angelo's going around telling, telling everybody he's running against me.' And he looked a little surprised."

Santabarbara provided two audio recordings " one totaling 2 minutes and 29 seconds, and the second one with a shorter length at 14 seconds. Background music and ambient noise can be heard on the audio. Santabarbara said the conversation was recorded using his mobile phone and conversation between the clips lasted for maybe a few minutes. Also, he said there was no particular reason he stopped the original recording.

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