EXCLUSIVE: Santabarbara: tape proves my job was threatened

Santabarbara continued to say in the recording he hadn't told anyone he was running for office yet and he would've told Lanaro, because he would want him to know before anyone else did. Santabarbara continued to say he didn't want him running in the race to affect his work.

Amedore replied and said "Right and you shouldn't." He then said, "But, again, one of those things that I cannot and have nothing to do with or can't control what others are going to do."

Santabarbara said he released the audio recording because Amedore had previously denied talking to Lanaro that Santabarbara entering the race would affect the business negatively. Santabarbara said he recorded the conversation because he wanted to protect himself if he did get fired from his job.

"It is shameful that Angelo Santabarbara would confront me while secretly recording an audio tape that he then doctors and submits to the press," said Amedore in prepared statement, released after The Spotlight contacted him regarding the recording. "I have never, in any way, attempted to have him fired from his job and this is clearly a last ditch effort by a desperate politician."

Thomas Buchanan, chair of the Schenectady County Republican Committee, echoed Amedore's statement and said it is just a "Hail Mary pass" two weeks before Election Day.

Buchanan characterized Amedore's statement to Santabarbara as a matter of fact: "Obviously, Amedore Homes isn't going to do business with Chazen, so yeah, that is true," he told The Spotlight Tuesday night, Oct. 19.

The second audio file supplied by Santabarbara only has a brief statement from Amedore.

Amedore says in this recording: "I did say, 'Hey Joe, uh, if you want me to hire you again, meanwhile you got one of your top guys trying to take me out, that's not going to look too good, especially to my father and my brothers.'"

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