Candidates spar over fiscal and moral issues

Carey at one point called out Breslin for being pro-choice even though he is a Catholic.

"What would happen if your parents would have aborted you?" Carey asked the crowd. "When a child is being molded and shaped in a woman's womb, that's God doing that."

The debate covered a wide variety of topics, from mandate relief, to whether English should be the official language for state business and all the way to how the state should fight global warming.

Breslin said he feels the issue of global warming was more of a federal and world issue but said wind energy and cutting down on the use of fossil fuels should be considered. Domenici disagreed and argued global warming is, in fact, a state issue as factories are closing in the state.

"We're affecting global warming, we're reducing it," he said, adding that he does believe global warming is real.

"We need to invest in electronic cars, we need to invest in solar power, we need to invest in drilling for natural gas that we have in New York to make us energy independent."

He went on to argue Pennsylvania is drilling laterally and taking gas away from New York.

"Thanks, senators," he said.

Breslin said he would wait for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to release their Environmental Impact Statement on that matter. He added, though, that hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling for natural gas in New York "has the potential to be a win-win for New York State as long as it doesn't damage the environment and the watershed."

While he said he's heard hydraulic fracturing can be a dangerous process, Carey said he is "not super familiar with hydrofracking" and that he would like to discuss it more with experts.

As a member of the South Colonie School District Board of Education, Domenici said he supports the competition provided by charter schools, but said they must accept every student as opposed to just picking and choosing.

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