Breslin, Carey, Domenici square off for 46th Senate District

How would you tackle the state's deficit?

Reducing the growth of Medicaid spending; consolidating State, County and Local services; transitioning public employees to 401(k) type retirement benefits; and eliminating unfunded mandates from the legislature upon our counties and local governments.

What would you do to provide property tax relief?

Property tax relief begins with reducing Medicaid spending, government consolidation, pension reform and eliminating unfunded mandates. Once expenditures have been reduced, we can implement a meaningful reduction in property taxes, followed by a cap on future increases.

Would you be able to work with any or all of the gubernatorial candidates?

Over several decades, I have had the privilege of serving many mayors, governors and Federal leaders, on both sides of the aisle. I am confident that I can communicate my message of lower spending and lower taxes, to representatives from all political parties.

What must be done to stem the flow of upstate New Yorkers leaving the state?

I propose lowering or eliminating taxes on small business for several years to promote growth, and lessening capital gains taxes to encourage reinvestment and rehiring.

Reform our workers compensation insurance system and address our highest in the nation property and income taxes, as well as our above-market energy costs.

Should state legislator's be full-time?

A full time legislature would allow effective change. It is critically important that we attract entrepreneurs and business owners to the legislature, and a full time legislative commitment might prove to limit our ability to recruit the best of the best from the private sector to serve the public interest.

Additional Comments

As legislators, we need to view small businesses as partners in economic development, and not targets for unnecessary taxes and regulation. Working together, the State and our local businesses can grow our economy out of this recession. Too often, though, the business community is at odds with the State, and seen as a target for more taxes and fees. We need leadership to do these things and right now we are not getting it from our elected officials. Promoting growth requires businesses to view the State as a credible partner. We need to build credibility through trust.

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